Batman’s Parents Killed…Again

New photos from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice surfaced today in an exclusive article from These pictures show a movie theater marquee for The Mark of Zorro. The photos, coupled with several previously released set pics, suggest that audiences will once again be shown the iconic death of Bruce Wayne’s parents in the 2016 superhero flick. Check out more pictures here.

My opinion.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment: STOP. Seriously. We do not need to see Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down again. I speak now not only as a Batman fan, but as a moviegoer. In almost every form of media, we’ve seen Bruce’s parents killed multiple times. Don’t agree? Here’s a supercut of all the times we’ve seen Bruce Wayne’s parents die on a screen.

The inclusion of this scene in BvS certainly won’t ruin the movie for me or anything, but it’s excessive. I know it’s an iconic scene and I know this is a reboot. But at this point, we’ve seen it so many times that I no longer think it’s necessary. Most all moviegoers, comic fans or not, know that Bruce’s parents are dead. Unless this part of Batman’s origin is getting significantly reworked, showing us that tragic scene again is essentially just a cheap way of trying to stir emotions. Especially in a movie where Batman is already established. If you really want to stir emotions, try a different way. Don’t take the easy way out.

I understand completely if Zack Snyder wants to make his mark on the iconic scene. I’m sure it’s a point of pride to be able to provide your vision on a classic scene in Batman lore. As someone who dreams of making movies, I respect that. If I somehow ended up filming a Batman movie, I’m sure I would find myself in the same position. That would absolutely cross my mind.

But movies, though they often feature the stamp of their author, are for audiences. In the context of today’s media, I don’t think we need to see Bruce Wayne’s parents gunned down in Crime Alley. It’s been done before in movies and it’s been done in every other media outlet. People create content not just because they enjoy it, but because it will bring entertainment to others. Even now as I write a blog for enjoyment (something a lot of people do) I want to present commentary that people may not have heard before in a responsible and reasonable manner. People have seen Bruce’s parents die again and again. It’s upsetting and unsettling, not building drama. We already know what happens next.

All of this to say: I understand this movie is two years away. I understand that we know virtually nothing about BvS at this point. I could be wrong. This could be a super impactful scene and/or one that illustrates a significant change in origin for Batman. But I’m having a hard time envisioning a setting in which this scene is necessary.

How do you feel about seeing the iconic scene again?

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