My 11 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

2014 was a pretty great year for movies. We got some amazing superhero movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past, great sci-fi movies like Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more.

I could keep going on about this year’s movies with a full ‘Top 10 of 2014’ list, but instead, I decided to look ahead at what’s to come. If 2014 was a great year for movies, then it looks like 2015 might be an epic one. So without further adieu, I give you my ‘Top 11 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015.’ Why 11 instead of 10? Because I’m indecisive, that’s why.

  1. Ant-Man – Directed by Petyon Reed

I might as well get this one out of the way. As of right now, I’m not convinced Ant-Man is going to be anything special. I don’t really know a lot about the character, but from the little I do know, he’s always seemed kind of lame. Marvel Studios certainly has their work cut out for them in turning Ant-Man into a credible comic book hero. Then again, there were a lot of people who said that about Guardians of the Galaxy before it came out, so I’m interested to see what director Peyton Reed does with the character. Ant-Man comes out July 17.

  1. Paper Towns – Directed by Jake Schreier

Based on John Green’s young adult novel, Paper Towns follows a high school kid named Quentin as he searches for his missing friend, Margo. Yes, I did say this was a John Green novel. No, it is nothing like The Fault in Our Stars, so put your tissues away. This is a great book, so I’m really excited to see what they do with the story and how audiences react to it. Paper Towns hits theaters June 5.

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road – Directed by George Miller

I’m going to be honest here: I know virtually nothing about this movie. All I know is that Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron run around a post-apocalyptic world in some freaky-looking cars while fighting some freaky-looking bad guys. But, my goodness, is that trailer exciting. Mad Max: Fury Road starts May 15.

  1. Kingsman: The Secret Service – Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Will it be a cinematic masterpiece? Probably not, but it looks like it’ll be a ton of fun! This movie about a top-secret government organization has a star-studded cast and it looks like an entertaining thrill ride with great humor. Matthew Vaughn is directing after all, and he’s got a pretty good track record with blockbuster action hits. Kingsman: The Secret Service comes out February 13.

  1. Tomorrowland – Directed by Brad Bird

This is another movie I don’t know much about, but again, the trailer hooked me. It’s imaginative, it’s intriguing, and most importantly: it doesn’t give much of anything away. Brad Bird (The Incredibles) is at the helm of this movie, which is based off a section of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It seems like one would have to really try to screw up something like that, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Tomorrowland is released May 22.

  1. The Hateful Eight – Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Things like script leaks and alleged cancellations have mired the film’s production, but it appears as if The Hateful Eight will finally see the light of day in 2015! Django Unchained was one of my favorite movies of 2012, so I was on board with this movie the minute I heard Tarantino was making another western flick. I’m excited to see what Quentin Tarantino has up his sleeve. The Hateful Eight comes out 2015.

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – Directed by Francis Lawrence

The adaptation of this young adult book series ends next year with Mockingjay Part 2, and it if Part 1 was any indication; we’re in for a crazy finale. The Hunger Games franchise has proven its salt as an adaptation, and I cannot wait to see how Francis Lawrence wraps up the series. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 hits theaters November 20.

  1. Jupiter Ascending – Directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski

It’s no secret that I’m a gigantic sci-fi nerd, so of course I’m excited for this movie. My excitement for this space opera is doubled by the fact that it’s not based on anything. Jupiter Ascending is a completely original story put together by the Wachowskis, who are no strangers to good sci-fi movies. Even better: we won’t have to wait long for it. Jupiter Ascending opens February 6.

  1. 007: Spectre – Directed by Sam Mendes

James Bond returns for his 24th film after the wildly successful Skyfall. The film’s title and teaser poster both refer to the villainous organization from the classic Bond films: SPECTRE. Daniel Craig is set to return as James Bond and will be joined by several big names this time around. Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), Andrew Scott (Sherlock), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color) are set to appear alongside returning actors Ben Winshaw and Ralph Fiennes. This movie shows a promise of a return to really good Bond villains and features some amazing talent, which could make this a fantastic follow-up to Bond’s previous adventure. 007: Spectre arrives November 6.

  1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Directed by Joss Whedon

No surprise here! As a huge fan of superheroes, I am beyond excited for this movie. The Avengers return to take on a villainous sentient robot named Ultron, and the trailers have hinted that this movie will not be as lighthearted as the first. Whatever happens in this movie, you can bet there’s going to be some serious super-powered throwdowns that lead to some serious ramifications. The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1.

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Directed by J.J. Abrams

About freaking time! My roommate and I watched the teaser trailer on our large home television, and I cheered like a fool when the Millenium Falcon appeared for the first time. Like many others people, Star Wars is a big piece of my childhood, so it only makes sense it’s the movie I’m most excited to see in 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out December 18.

What movies are you most excited for in 2015?

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