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Addressing Marvel’s “Villain Problem”

Three years ago, I remember walking out of the first Avengers movie with a big smile on my face. Seeing all my favorite heroes together on the big screen in a good movie was cool enough, but what added to

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‘GoT’ Stars: You Know Nothing About Jon Snow

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for season five of Game of Thrones.   Another day, another Game of Thrones actor fanning the flames of the “Jon Snow’s Alive” theory. After Jon Snow was seemingly killed off in the final

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Comic-Con Roundup!

Miss any big movie news that came out of Comic-Con this past weekend? I’ve got you covered! It was certainly an exciting con this year, so let’s jump right in! PRE-COMIC-CON NEWS Rumor: Colin Trevorrow to Direct Star Wars Episode

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‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Reaction

After someone unsurprisingly leaked the Suicide Squad trailer from Comic-Con, Warner Bros. threw a little bit of a hissy fit and said, “You know what? Screw it. Here’s the HD trailer.” I’m not complaining. Check it out here! Just a

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‘Batman v Superman’ Comic-Con Trailer Breakdown

Oh wow. Wow wow wow wow. This has been a crazy movie news weekend so far with San Diego Comic-Con still happening, but this is definitely my favorite thing from it so far. Warner Bros. hosted a panel discussion about Batman v Superman: Dawn of

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‘Ant-Man’ Review

I was extraordinarily skeptical as to how Ant-Man was going to turn out. I, like many people, couldn’t really take the idea of Ant-Man seriously. It never felt like the movie could be a great success…but there were people who thought

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‘Terminator Genisys’ Review

You know…I went into this movie thinking, “Maybe this won’t be as bad as it looks. Maybe this will feel like the Terminator franchise again. Maybe, just maybe, this movie will be the fun and exciting jolt of energy the

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