‘Batman v Superman’ Comic-Con Trailer Breakdown

Oh wow. Wow wow wow wow. This has been a crazy movie news weekend so far with San Diego Comic-Con still happening, but this is definitely my favorite thing from it so far. Warner Bros. hosted a panel discussion about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while I’ll be sure to go into details on that later, the footage shown at that panel has OFFICIALLY dropped.

And it’s a doozy. Check it out below!

My Reaction/ Breakdown

This thing is incredible. There is so much in this trailer, it’s absolutely crazy. So without further adieu, let’s over-analyze the crap out of this thing!

-These opening shots remind me of why I’m so hopeful for this movie. There were two things I was really worried about while walking out of Man of Steel. The first thing I asked was, “the whole series isn’t going to look THAT desaturated, will it?” Now look! Bright Superman suit in broad daylight! My second concern is addressed not too far ahead…


-And here it is. The second thing I was worried about for the MoS sequel is that they wouldn’t address the destruction of Metropolis. Nope! Looks like it’s the whole reason Batman takes on Superman! Also, I like Bruce Wayne’s inclusion in this last scene from MoS.


-After some establishing shots of the Batcave and Wayne Manor(?), we finally get our first look of Jeremy Irons as Alfred. I like your glasses, Mr. Irons.


-Also digging these new Batarangs.


-“Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman.” Me! I do!


-Glad we finally see Superman doing some heroic things!


-I was never really on board with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, but the way he interacts with Cavill’s Superman is so dang creepy. I like it!


-This. This right here is the freaking best. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Robin’s suit, confirming that in this universe, the Joker killed (a) Robin. For clarification, check out this post from a few months ago…


-“and we have to destroy him,” in this context is the single most over-confident line I’ve ever heard. And it is EPIC.


-This is the one thing I don’t like about this trailer. WE KNOW BATMAN’S ORIGIN STORY. You don’t have to show it to us in every Batman iteration.


-This is the first action shot of Wonder Woman we’ve seen from this movie and it’s absolutely awesome.


-This scene with the Superman soldiers and Batman with googles looks like a mix of the Red Sons and Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book storylines…very curious as to what is playing out here.


-Kryptonite has returned! (assumedly)


-All this incredible fighting between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman leads into Eisenberg saying (still creepy), “the red capes are coming.”


-And then there’s this. This is my favorite shot in the whole trailer. Superman, an all-powerful and god-like alien, rips off the top of the Batmobile and then…Batman stands up against Superman like he’s an equal force.


Guys, I love this trailer. I’m going to go watch it 7 more times. What did you think of this new trailer?

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  1. This new trailer turned an average day into a great one! I LOVED the trailer, the imagery, the music! Like you I loved the last shot of Batman facing off against Superman. I think the only weakness is Jesse Eisenberg, I’m still not convinced.


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