‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Reaction

After someone unsurprisingly leaked the Suicide Squad trailer from Comic-Con, Warner Bros. threw a little bit of a hissy fit and said, “You know what? Screw it. Here’s the HD trailer.” I’m not complaining.

Check it out here! Just a warning though: it is SUPER creepy.

My Reaction 

This trailer doesn’t really show us anything we didn’t already know, but it does a great job at setting up the tone and color scheme for this movie. Because we didn’t see anything story-wise (and because I know very little about the group to begin with), I’m just going to give my general thoughts and point out a couple of things. I especially liked the choice of song, which is a super creepy cover of the Bee Gee’s song, “I Started a Joke.”

Early on in this trailer, we see Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Appropriately, she has the most dialogue out of anyone in the trailer. Let me just say: whoever decided to cast Viola Davis as Waller deserves a cookie. Or twelve. I only know Amanada Waller from a couple of on-screen incarnations (Arrow; Assault on Arkham), but from what it looks like, Davis got the character spot on. “I locked them in a hole and threw away the hole,” is only the first of several notable quotes here.

The two members of the squad that get the most screen time are Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Will Smith Deadshot. I wasn’t absolutely in love with Harley Quinn’s look when we first saw her in the promo photo, but I am now completely sold with Robbie as Quinn. She has the same creepiness about her as you would expect the Joker to have, but she looks like she’ll still have the same intelligence and sense of humor that made her such a standout character in the cartoons. And of course, I only joke about Will Smith playing himself rather than Deadshot because he pretty much is Deadshot. I loved him in Arrow, and it looks like he’ll do great in Suicide Squad too. “We’re the patsies…some kind of suicide squad,” kind of sums up the whole premise.

Of course, we go on to see more of the squad, who all look good enough, but I’ll just let you see them in the trailer. Only thought about them is that I like how Killer Croc doesn’t look bad. I was worried when I heard his messed-up skin effect wouldn’t be CGI, but it actually looks pretty good as a practical suit. The only thing I was really left wondering about was these shots:




At first, I thought these were just weird shots (although I did like the guy in the Batman mask) from maybe a dream sequence or something. Then I thought, “maybe they’re the villains.” Then around the fifth time watching the trailer, I caught a better glimpse at the follow-up shot.


As you can see there, that’s the Joker in his purple trench coat walking though the area that was just shot up. It looks like the guys in the weird costumes might be Joker’s henchmen, which is pretty clever. But then…the laugh happened. When I first heard the laugh, it sent shivers down my spine. And then we finally see the big “reveal” of the Joker. “Oh I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just gonn hurt ya. Reallly. Really. Bad!”


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Jared Leto’s Joker is going to be terrifying.

What did you think of the trailer?

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