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FRIDAY PODCAST: Indiana Jones 5, Han Solo Casting and X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer 2

Here’s the latest Movie News Roundup Podcast! Sorry for the crappy quality. I’m doing my best to get the hang of recording these things, and there are obviously gonna be some speed bumps along the way. Also, if you know

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OSCARS 2016: Breaking Down the Best Picture Contenders

Every year, audiences and film fans speculate as to which movies will be nominated for Academy Awards. Those speculations were put to rest recently when the nominations were announced on January 14. There are dozens of categories to talk about,

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Why Severus Snape’s Intentions Are Irrelevant

*If you haven’t figured it out yet, then please know that the following post contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the Harry Potter franchise. But seriously, if you haven’t seen the movies yet, then you should do that.* Yes, I know the title

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‘The Martian’ Review

I’ll be completely honest: I have no clever opening line for this review. The Martian is just a really good movie. The Martian follows the story of astronaut Mark Watney, who finds himself stranded on Mars after his crew mistakes

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‘Paper Towns’ Review

I really like most of John Green’s books; so naturally, I was looking forward to Paper Towns. The Fault in Our Stars, I thought, was pretty well done, and I was interested to see what direction they’d take this vastly

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‘GoT’ Stars: You Know Nothing About Jon Snow

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for season five of Game of Thrones.   Another day, another Game of Thrones actor fanning the flames of the “Jon Snow’s Alive” theory. After Jon Snow was seemingly killed off in the final

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‘Cinderella’ Review

Remember in my Into the Woods review when I bashed live action fairy tale retellings? Well I have some instructions for my past self: Take foot. Insert into mouth. Cinderella sticks closely to its animated counterpart, and in doing so;

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