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Two Years of A New Dish: The Best Movies to See Before Oscar Season

Today is the day, folks! As of today, is two years old! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything (believe me, I’ve wanted to post more), so I decided today was as good a day

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Comic-Con 2016 Roundup!

WOW this was a heck of a year for Comic-Con. With many of the major movie studios declaring they wouldn’t be present at Comic-Con, it looked as if this year was set to be one of the more quiet ones.

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My 11 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Better late than never! Another year has come and gone, and by that merit, it’s time for the thing readers love to hate: top ten lists. Since I did one for last year’s movies, I figured I’d put one together

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Fall 2015 Movie Reviews

Hello all! I know I haven’t been posting a lot here recently, but I’m hoping to change that! While I haven’t had much time to write reviews over the fall season, I’ve still been watching plenty of movies. Instead of

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