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‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Review

The thing that I appreciate about war movies is that every story is a different one, and this movie is probably one of the best examples of that. Hacksaw Ridge is a retelling of the true story about a Christian

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‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Review

While Kingsman: The Secret Service was on my list of most anticipated movies in 2015, I did go in with significantly low expectations. The movie’s been maligned by release date changes in the past year, leaving it in an uncomfortable

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‘Jupiter Ascending’ Review

I’m a big goofy sci-fi nerd, so I was really looking forward to this movie from the Wachowski siblings. I had such high hopes for this original movie that I put it pretty high up on my list of most

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‘Whiplash’ Review

With every Oscar nominee I see, I find it more and more appalling when people say, “2014 wasn’t a good year for movies.” 2014 was a spectacular year for movies, and one shouldn’t really have to look any further than

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